Introducing Thom Brokerage and Consulting's Children's Bike Program, promoting healthy and active lifestyles for the young members of Indigenous communities.

Our customizable bikes, adorned with your community's logo or message, provide a fun and engaging way for children to stay active and connected to their cultural heritage.

Choose our bike program to encourage physical activity, foster social connections, and contribute to a healthier future for your community.

Customized Bikes

Offering bikes in various sizes, styles, and colors, tailored to the preferences of children in your community.

Community Branding

Incorporating your community's logo or message on the bikes to promote unity and pride among the children.

Bulk Ordering

Facilitating bulk orders to provide bikes for entire communities at competitive prices.

Safety Equipment

Supplying helmets and other safety accessories to ensure children ride safely and responsibly.

Bike Maintenance and Repair

Providing support for bike maintenance and repair to keep the bicycles in good working condition.

Bike Safety and Riding Workshops

Organizing workshops to teach children about bike safety, basic riding skills, and traffic rules.

Community Bike Events

Assisting in the planning and execution of community bike events, such as group rides, races, and fundraisers.

Bike Donation Program

Coordinating a donation program for underprivileged children to receive bikes and safety equipment.

Bike Storage Solutions

Offering storage solutions for bikes in schools, community centers, and other shared spaces.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Transportation

Promoting the use of bicycles as a healthy and environmentally friendly mode of transportation for children in your community.

Through Thom Brokerage and Consulting's Children's Bike Program, we aim to foster a love for cycling, promote healthy habits, and strengthen community bonds among children in Indigenous communities across Canada.

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